Cautiously optimistic.
Cautiously optimistic.

Day 7 and signs are hopeful. We’ve been running some pretty rare stuff the past few days and  you’ve been responding. I’ve been asking you to put your money where your mouth is, but I have to do the same. To let you know how unique and rare the archive and Past Daily is, I have to prove it to you. I have to let you know that it’s not just a bunch of cool stuff that I like to play for people – it’s about documents and moments in our  history which have been long-thought lost or buried and forgotten. Recordings that haven’t seen the light of day.  A lot of you have responded to my lost 1956 Billie Holiday interview from this past weekend; a chance to hear an icon speak, rather than sing. Many of you have commented that the interview seemed patronizing. A sign of those times – no shortage of patronizing interviews. But that’s the way it was. And that’s what Past Daily tries to do – offer the unvarnished view of history and events as they were – the times and the attitudes around those events. Offering a different dimension in order to get a better understanding of a world at a another time.

So I’m trying to do that and keep it all together – keep the archive running, preserving, digitizing; while continuing to acquire (people toss recordings out every day), as well as perform the day-to-day tasks of writing, posting and cross-posting to let as many of you know as I can when I do a new post – and I run new posts several times a day.
It’s a big task and it takes just about every waking hour of every day, 7 days a week. And that’s why I need your help – and now that we’re a non-profit, to ask for your Tax Deductible contributions so you can help keep Past Daily up and write it off at Tax time. Not a bad deal, when you think about it.
We have until the end of June to raise $15,000 – we’re slowly chipping away at it and  your responses so far and  your outpouring of good wishes and contributions are more than encouraging. My complete gratitude and appreciation to all those of you who have responded with your contributions so far. Tell your friends, and if you’re still thinking about it – make the decision to chip in, no matter how much. It’s all appreciated and it’s all needed.

Click on the link below (Teddy Roosevelt) – and make your pledge. It takes less than a minute – honest!

Till next time,
Gordon Skene
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