A Stab At Affordable Healthcare – June 10, 1994

Always the uphill battle. (photo: Scott Weaver)

Always the uphill battle. (photo: Scott Weaver)

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News for this June 10th in 1994 was hopeful, but not optimistic if you were looking for a quick solution to the Health Care problem.

The Kennedy Healthcare bill passed an initial hurdle; clearing the Senate Labor Committee by a vote of 11-6. But even after an easy clearance, there was considerable speculation the idea of a National Health Care plan was no slam-dunk, and that it would be a difficult uphill battle. The plan, which called for mandatory health care insurance for most businesses’ employees only garnished 1 Republican vote, and that was the looming concern. Even though many Democrats said the final bill would most likely bear little resemblance to the present one. The bill also called for a $1.50 increase in the $1.24 tax on a pack of cigarettes and a 1% payroll tax on bigger companies to help pay for the program.

The Dan Rostenkowksi scandal was heading to court on this day. The former House Speaker was facing corruption charges to the tune of a 17 count indictment. Rostenkowski had repeatedly said he did done nothing wrong and vowed to fight the charges. He was expected to enter a plea of not guilty at the hearing.

And opening arguments were scheduled this day in a suit that challenged the new Federal Ban on Abortion Clinic blockades. A Virginia Anti-Abortion Group filed the suit the same day President Clinton signed the bill into law.

And Senate Republicans were blocking a vote on the start of hearings into the Whitewater Land Deal scandal, saying the proposal as written would handcuff the inquiry. Many said it was ironic that the Republicans were preventing a vote from occurring on the very issue which they had been demanding a vote for weeks.

The Haiti situation was taking a deeper step into U.S. intervention when President Clinton announced a ban on commercial flights to and from Haiti and the suspension of most financial transactions. They were the latest steps to pressure Haiti’s Military ruler to step aside.

And Korea was in bubbling-under crisis mode, as the refusal of Pyongyang to allow nuclear inspections was causing a sense of panic in South Korea. The government in Seoul called for a nationwide check of bomb shelters and emergency water supplies. It prompted a response from U.S. Ambassador James Laney to offer words of assurance, saying the situation was critical but not yet a crisis.

And that’s a small slice of what went on, this rather busy June 10th in 1994 as reported by The CBS World News Roundup.

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