Celebrated Pianist Gyory Sandor - Bartok was his forté.
Celebrated Pianist Gyorgy Sandor – Bartok was his forté.

. . .or click on the link here for Audio Player – Gyorgy Sandor in Recital – WNCN-FM, New York – November 9, 1983

More history this week. The celebrated Hungarian Pianist Gyorgy Sandor in recital at New York station WNCN-FM and was broadcast on November 9 , 1983.

Unlike most recitals, this one is very relaxed, with Sandor and the announcer talking back and forth between pieces. And because it takes place in WNCN’s radio studio, there’s an invited audience.

Gyorgy Sandor was one of the most celebrated pianists of the mid-century. Friends with fellow Hungarian Bela Bartok, he offered what were termed definitive performances of many of Bartok’s piano works.

In this recital he runs a wide range of pieces, from a Bach-Busoni arrangement to Chopin. The conversation goes on between the pieces so everything is identified in the course of the program.

So not only is it a historic recital, it’s also a rare interview.

The perfect Anti-Road Rage Wednesday concert.

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