The Pope visits Argentina - the military Junta asks for blessings. The British land troops on Port Stanley.
The Pope visits Argentina – the military Junta asks for blessings. The British land troops on Port Stanley.

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A busy day of ironies, this June 12th in 1982. While protests massed in New York for what was projected to be the biggest Anti-Nuclear Protest in history, war was still raging in The Falklands, trouble was still erupting in Lebanon and the Holmes-Cooney battle was giving fight fans and odds makers an adrenaline rush in Las Vegas.

Billed as “The Biggest Gathering Since Woodstock”, crowds estimated at upwards of one million marched past the United Nations, on their way to Central Park in what was the largest anti-nuclear rally of its kind. The protests coincided with a meeting at the United Nations over nuclear disarmament and some 30,000 children marched at the front of the line.

Meanwhile, as Pope John Paul II was visiting Argentina, and being asked by the Military Junta of Leopoldo Galtieri for blessings in what they believed was “the good fight” over the Falklands, British troops were landing on Port Stanley, in what was believed to be the last battle of the Falkland Islands crisis.

In the Middle East, the ceasefire in Lebanon between Israel and Syria has gone into its 24th hour with no signs of rupture, however fighting involving Palestinian guerrillas inside around Beirut was showing no signs of letting up.

And the “Richest Fight Ever” – the one between Larry Holmes and Gerry Cooney was highly anticipated, and fight fans got their money’s worth. Larry Holmes succeeded for the 12th time in defending his Heavyweight Championship title with Cooney calling it quits in Round 13.

And that’s a small sample of what went on in the world this June 12th in 1982 as reported by the CBS World News Roundup and hourly reports from CBS and ABC Radio.

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