Sometimes it just feels that way.
Sometimes it just feels that way.

Day 12 – 18 days left and it’s getting a little nervous around here. You know; pacing the floor, working on that third pot of coffee, grey hairs by the fistful circling the bathroom sink – lots of sleepless nights. Will we make it? I’m not so sure – I’m hopeful, and I am continuously amazed by the outpouring of support I’ve gotten from a lot of you these past few days. We just need to get the rest of you interested enough and engaged enough to click on the donate button and make your pledge. Time is running out. 18 days left and we have to raise a little under $800 a day to hit our goal. Sounds like a lot – but when you think about, that’s 8 people kicking in $100, 16 people kicking in $50 or 32 of you kicking in $25. I know for a fact that more than 32 of you are coming by the site every day – more than 32 of you are listening, enjoying, downloading and sharing all the history and rare recordings we put up on the site. Okay, tell you what – let’s round out the numbers; $20 is all you need to chip in to help us make our goal each day. And if we can get enough of you every day for the next 18 days to do that, our goal will be reached, our problems will be solved and life will be wonderful, and we can get back to doing what you’ve come to expect of us; turning you on to new things, reminding you of old things, making you aware of timeless things.

But I really need you to step up and support something you clearly like a lot, to count yourself in as someone who thinks history and culture and words from people who have been there and done that are important. I can’t begin to thank all of you who have contributed so far – you are making a huge difference. The job now is to get those of you still on the fence, or hoping we’ll quietly go away or hoping someone else will chip in, to step up and make your Tax Deductible contribution today or tomorrow, but soon. We need your support and we’re counting on you and your friends to help us hit our goal so we can keep doing what you enjoy and what we love to do – to bring you the best.

Click on the link below (Teddy Roosevelt) and make your contribution today – it means as much as you can imagine

Till next time,
Gordon Skene
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