Rallying the troops - or at least providing motivation.
Rallying the troops – or at least providing motivation.

Day 13 – lucky 13 . . . .or not. 17 days left and we’re slowly plugging along. 11% of our funding has been raised so far. That means we have to really hustle to raise the other 89% by the end of the month. I think we can do it. In fact, I’m pretty sure we can. I know a lot of people like cliff-hangers – those last minute saves before everything winds up in the abyss. They do wonders for the Triumph Of The Human Spirit – however, they do nothing for the nervous system. I think part of the problem has been getting the message out. Are you telling your friends? I hope so – because we need all of you to chip in and support – even a little bit – what Past Daily is trying to do. Everything you contribute goes to keeping the site up and the archive functioning. It costs to keep this thing going – the day to day and the month to month. Expenses are there and you can’t get around them. Rent needs to be paid in order to house the Archive, and rent isn’t cheap (well . . it used to be, but times have changed). Equipment breaks down and it either needs to be repaired or replaced if it can’t be fixed, and vintage equipment isn’t cheap anymore. So it all takes money in order to keep running and that’s the one thing we come up short on. And that’s why I need your help. Everything we get goes back to you in the form of history, preservation and access, and keeping it going every day, 365 days a year. It’s a huge task, but it’s been worth it and the benefits far outweigh the costs.
So that’s why I’m asking for your support – give what you can. I know a lot of you like the idea that you get this for free and don’t have to pay for it; that someone else will step up to the plate so you don’t have to. But I’m afraid it all can’t be left up to the other guy. Eventually you become the other guy – and the responsibility winds up being yours. I can’t stress enough that your contribution helps keep all of this alive and functioning so you have access to it. That’s why I’m saying your contributions are Tax Deductible and go a long way to keeping us up and functioning. That’s why I’m saying we really need your help now. There’s not a whole lot of time left – time and contributions are precious and we need all we can get. So please, take a minute out to make your contribution; chip in whatever you can and be part of making a difference.

Click on the link below and make a contribution to keeping history alive today – only takes a minute.

Till next time,
Gordon Skene
Past Daily/Gordon Skene Sound Archive

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