Waving Sticks And Rubber Hoses In Bucharest – June 15, 1990


Where going to work was an adventure.

Where going to work was an adventure.

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Another busy day in history; June 15, 1990.

In Ohio, a night of torrential thunderstorms brought flash flooding throughout the Eastern and Central parts of the state. In Shadyside Ohio, three rivers surged out of their banks and swept through a trailer park, killing some 5 with as many as 250 others not accounted for. There was also flooding in Nebraska, with the city of Platte Center inundated, forcing residents to flee to higher ground.

Louisiana just approved and sent to the State House the nations most restrictive Abortion law. The action triggered a flood of protests, calling the action unconstitutional. Governor Buddy Roemer vowed to veto the measure.

In other parts of the world. People heading for work today in Bucharest had to pass gangs of club wielding Mine workers who were free to search, question and even beat people if they didn’t like their politics. Mine Workers were supporting the re-election of Rumanian President Ian Iliescu who advocated cracking down hard on anti-government protestors who were swelling in numbers and preventing the inauguration of Iliescu from taking place. The police were busy protecting their own buildings, which were in danger of being overrun by protestors. So the Miners were picking up the slack and going on a rampage.

Meanwhile, The Soviet Union had proposed talks aimed at the removal of all short-range nuclear weapons from Europe. Spokespersons at NATO headquarters said the U.S. was likely to reject the offer, although it said it would start talks on the issue only after a Vienna agreement on slashing conventional forces in Europe was signed.

And it was looking as though the U.S. would have to return millions of dollars it seized from General Manuel Noriega, if they couldn’t directly link the money to Noriega for drug trafficking.

And that’s a little of what went on this June 15th in 1990, as reported by The CBS World News Roundup.

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