Gaz Coombes - former frontman for Supergrass -blazing new trails.
Gaz Coombes – former frontman for Supergrass – blazing new trails.

. . . or click on the link here for Audio Player – Gaz Coombes – Live at Pinkpop 2015 – June 13, 2015 – VPRO-3VOOR12

More from Pinkpop 2015, recorded this past week. Tonight it’s former Supergrass frontman, Gaz Coombes, going solo and with a new album out since January of this year. Matador has been well received, although some Supergrass fans have likened the spirit of Matador to vintage Supergrass, it’s still Gaz Coombes – and as one of the elder statesmen of the Brit-Pop movement of the 90s, it would hard to dismiss a certain vibe to the proceedings.

That’s no problem, as Supergrass were one of the more interesting and engaging bands to come out of the Britpop period. Gaz Coombes’ solo effort follows nicely in those footsteps as a sort of next-logical-step in the progression of an artist-gone-solo.

So to get an idea of what he’s up to now, here is a shortened version of Gaz Coombes’ set from this past week’s Pinkpop Festival, as recorded and preserved for posterity by the venerable VPRO network in The Netherlands.

Playing loud would be nice.

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