History can be fun.
History can be fun.

Day 20 – 10 days left to go and the last full week of our Spring Fundraiser. This is the make-or-break period and we need every penny of support we can if we’re going to get even close to our goal. I can’t begin to tell you how important your support is to the life of this website, and to the archive which supplies all the historic sounds you hear here. I don’t get funding from corporations, the ads pay tenths of cents and the hours are long and without any compensation, other than your words of support and your visits. I rely solely on your contributions and donations to keep Past Daily running. Without it, I can no longer do it – can’t offer you these rarities or these new discoveries – can’t be here every day – can’t be here at all. The rare recordings and the history they represent will go back into a dark room, forgotten about until they disintegrate and then will be gone forever. I don’t want that to happen. I have spent my life gathering these materials, preserving them and making them available to anyone who could benefit from them. I would like to think it hasn’t all been wasted, would like to think someone somewhere got something out of them – that it all hasn’t been a waste of time. And those of you who have contributed so far, the ones who have stepped up and made a difference, you are the ones I keep doing this for – you have made a difference in my life, and I am hoping to return the favor. But the vast majority of you don’t seem interested, don’t see the point – or maybe you just haven’t noticed we’re knee-deep in our fundraiser right now.
Well – bottom line – we’re struggling and we’re days away from finishing and we need your support desperately now. Yes, I said desperate – I know that’s a pretty dire word, but there’s no way to make it sound any less than what it is. Right now, today – I need you to seriously consider pitching in and giving what you can – remember, it’s Tax Deductible – so I can keep giving you the best of what I’ve been collecting all my life. You support and I give back – sounds like a fair exchange. But I can’t do it without you – let’s make miracles for the next ten days – they happen – they happen all the time – they can happen now. Please chip in and tell your friends – we need everybody to pitch in. I know you can do it!

Click on the link down here (Teddy Roosevelt) and make your pledge today – takes all of about a minute to do it.

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