The Devils came from New Jersey.
The Devils came from New Jersey.

. . . or click on the link here for Audio Player – ABC Radio News – June 25, 1995 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection.

The good news on this June 25th, 20 years ago was that the New Jersey Devils swept the Detroit Red Wings 5-2 in the finals to win the 1995 Stanley Cup. The bad news was the cost of a gallon of gas was skyrocketing. The culprit, according to observers was increased demand based on a public no longer interested in an energy-efficient car – minivans and SUV‘s were taking over American highways – and they guzzled gas to the tune of 5 miles per gallon less than the average car.

100 families in Houston had to evacuate because a warehouse fire turned into a 7-alarm blaze. The warehouse stored pesticides and the danger of fumes prompted the mass exodus.

Shuttle Atlantis was grounded for another day, owing to bad weather. It meant a longer wait aboard the Mir Space Station for astronaut Norm Thagard and two Cosmonauts hoping to hitch a ride back to earth.

Haiti was holding national elections on this day, the first since December of 1990. UN Observers were keeping tabs on proceedings.

And Marvel Comics announced the superhero Shadowhawk would lose a year-long battle to AIDS in its last edition, the first fictional character to do so. The move came as an effort to raise awareness that AIDS could get anybody.

And that’s a slice of what went on this June 25th in 1995 as reported by ABC Radio News.

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