Past Daily’s Spring Fundraiser – Update 14

Oh . .  .the waiting . . . .
Oh . . .the waiting . . . .

Day 24 – 7 days left. Contributions are trickling in – a little at a time. I can’t begin to thank those who have stepped up to give your support – you’ve been making a huge difference. But I still need to hear from the vast majority of you who come by, visit, download and leave. I know a bunch of you are out there – I see by the stats that at least a few thousand of you come by each day and stick around just long enough to grab something and leave. I can’t convince you to chip in a little bit in order to keep Past Daily up and running? We’re only 12% of our goal right now – and with 7 days left, that means a lot of you need to step up to the plate and lend your support. Could be it slipped your mind – you meant to chip in but got sidetracked? Or maybe you put things off to the last minute – or maybe you think someone else will contribute and you don’t need to?  Or maybe all this hounding and cajoling for your Tax Deductible contributions gets really annoying and you’d wish I’d just shut up and go away. Or maybe it’s a combination of all of the above. Believe me, I don’t like having to ask people for money – I now know what it feels like to be a Public Radio station. And like Public Radio, Past Daily relies on your support in order to meet the day to day challenges and and costs of running a site like this, and the archive which spends every day restoring and preserving all the audio you hear on the site. We can’t do it without you.  So please, whatever you are comfortable with contributing, make that decision today to chip in and help Past Daily meet the goals of this Spring Fundraiser. We need you now more than ever. We’re depending on you.

Click on the link below and make your Tax Deductible Contribution – it’ll take just a few seconds:

Till next time,
Gordon Skene
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