Past Daily’s Spring Fundraiser – Update 15

Prognosis: iffy, but not doomed.
Prognosis: iffy, but not doomed.

Day 25 – 6 days left. We have a LOT of catching up to do if we’re going to make anywhere near our goal. Contributions are still trickling in – and for that, I’m grateful. In this case a flood would be great – but anything is a positive sign – those of you who are contributing what you can, chipping in and telling your friends; a huge and grateful THANK YOU! Now, if the rest of you could just make the decision to kick in a few bucks – not a lot; $20 or even $10 – that would help to bring us closer to our goal – you can do it on a monthly basis to stretch out your contribution. But we need your help and we need you to tell your friends – if you like what Past Daily does, and the over 4,000 posts we’ve put up since 2012, then let people know. Your Tax Deductible contributions will make sure we continue to deliver you the best and the rarest of History, Culture and Music every day. But I can’t do it without you. It costs a lot to keep an operation like this up and running – between the website and the archive, it’s a full-time commitment, and every penny goes into keeping Past Daily alive and well. So won’t you please consider being a supporter of what we’re doing and make your contribution today? We need you now more than ever.

Please-please-please click on the link below and make your contribution – it takes just a few seconds. You can do all major credit cards or a check – you can make monthly payments – it’s your call – but make the call.

Till next time,
Gordon Skene
Past Daily/Gordon Skene Sound Collection

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