Past Daily’s Spring Fundraiser – Update 16

Looking for miracles.
Looking for miracles.

Day 26 – 5 days left. The events of the last few days have been overwhelming, and fundraisers are the last thing on people’s minds right now. But we’re coming to the end of this drive and we still desperately need your support – in fact, we desperately need a lot of support if we’re going to get anywhere near our goal. I am a firm believer in miracles – I’ve seen them happen before. There’s no reason they can’t happen now. If you’ve already pledged your contribution to keep Past Daily up and running, please tell your friends or anyone you think would like what Past Daily is all about. We need as much support as we can get – there’s not a lot of time left, but it only takes a minute to make your Tax Deductible contribution, in whatever amount you want to chip in, to turn this around.
It’s really up to you. Give what you can, but do it before it’s too late.

Click on the link below and please make your pledge:

Till next time,
Past Daily/Gordon Skene Sound Collection

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