Barney Kessel - part of the Summit meeting.
Barney Kessel – part of the Summit meeting.
Charlie Byrd
Charlie Byrd
Herb Ellis
Herb Ellis

. . . or click on the link here for Audio Player – Charlie Byrd, Herb Ellis, Barney Kessel – live in Paris – November 17, 1981 – Radio France International

A Big-Three Summit in Jazz this weekend. Three Jazz Guitar giants; Charlie Byrd, Herb Ellis and Barney Kessel, all together and dipping the audience in the luxuriant sounds of three Masters of the form. Recorded by the venerable Radio France International on November 17, 1981. All three guitarists are legends in their own right; each of them has been at least partly responsible for the change in direction for Jazz Guitar playing over the past several decades.

All together on one stage, it was a significant occasion. Sadly, one which won’t happen again, unless it’s with a different set of Guitar legends taking their place. Only Charlie Byrd is left – both Ellis and Kessel have been gone for some time.

So as a reminder of just how great and significant a contribution these three made to the Jazz world, here is that concert, as it was originally recorded on November 17, 1981.


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