Father John Misty - Sugar-coated songs are anathema to him.  . . .thankfully.
Father John Misty – Sugar-coated songs are anathema to him. . . .thankfully.

. . . or click on the link here for Audio Player – Father John Misty – Live At Glastonbury – June 27, 2015 – BBC 6 Music

Glastonbury 2015 ended earlier today – 100 bands – 3 days, and an aural overdose of an almost impossibly wide spectrum of Music; from Burt Bacharach to Kanye West. There was something for everyone, including rain.

Yesterday, on the 27th, one of the highlights (and there were many) was the set by Father John Misty. Blazing a trail on his own, ever since leaving Fleet Foxes a few years back, J. Tillman (Misty) has been making enormous waves all over, but especially in Europe – his recent appearance at a Pocket Concert (House Concert) in Paris, was one of those magic moments, fortunately captured for posterity by La Blogotheque as part of their Take Away Shows series. Seek it out if it’s still available. Otherwise, I have it here.

This weekend it’s the Glasto show, and Father John Misty was in his usual top form. Promoting his latest album I Love You, Honeybear and knocking another one out of the park. Great show, tight band and he kept things moving at a steady clip – it’s a fast hour.

If you missed it – or were otherwise preoccupied (I know a bunch of you are in Chicago at the moment, celebrating with 80,000 other people the Farewell Dead show), take an hour out and give this one a listen.

All in all, Glastonbury was an embarrassment of riches this year – and sifting through all the bands has been a task. The BBC did a really smart thing this year – In addition to live streaming, they set up an on-demand page where a majority of the acts which played are available for listening for the next 30 days. Fans have also been grabbing things and putting them on YouTube, but as was the case in past years, they stay up for a day or two before getting taken down. At least the BBC realize there’s a huge worldwide audience – and the goodwill and music appreciation knows no bounds.

Crank it up – enjoy and maybe we’ll all brave the mud, rain and beer blizzards and head over there. Maybe.

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