Anti-War Heat Up In Berkeley – Judy Garland Collapse In New Jersey – June 30, 1968

Signs of the times - Berkeley - June 30, 1968

Signs of the times – Berkeley – June 30, 1968

News for June 30, 1968 – KMPC 10:00 am news – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

Some local West Coast news for this June 30th in 1968 – The Anti-War Protests in Berkeley were heating up and going into their second day as Summer was unfolding, with fires, overturned cars and injuries on both sides. As of the second night, the streets of Berkeley swelled to some 4,000 protestors and police fired teargas to break up the crowd. Three Berkeley Police were injured in the fracas, but Berkeley Police didn’t disclose the numbers of arrests or injuries of demonstrators.

And singer Judy Garland collapsed on stage while performing before an audience of 5,000 in New Jersey the previous night. Spokesperson for the Monmouth New Jersey Health Center said Garland was suffering from exhaustion and was being admitted for further tests over the coming days. Her condition was reported as fair.

And since this rather short newscast was coming by way of KMPC-AM in Los Angeles, the weather and surf report was of prime interest.

And that was how some people in L.A. got the news for this June 30, 1968.

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