Peter Gabriel - Genesis was never the same without him.
Peter Gabriel – Genesis was never the same without him.

. . . Genesis In Concert – Shepperton Studios – October 30, 1973

Of all the bands which became part of the ProgRock movement, none really typified it nearly as much as Genesis in the early days. Fronted by Peter Gabriel, and a surrealists wardrobe, Genesis were one of those bands that excelled in virtuosic musicianship, while at the same time making an indelible impression on audiences by their sheer theatricality.

But the theatricality was all Gabriel – the rest of the band were downright placid – adding an even more surreal aura to the proceedings.

And even though their early albums are classics, and milestones of musical brilliance – those early live performances were unforgettable, because Peter Gabriel made them unpredictable. It was one thing to listen to a Genesis album, it was another to see them live.

So even though this is an audio version of a concert filmed at Shepperton Studios in October of 1973, the unmistakable originality and brilliance of Genesis during those early formative (and most compelling) days, makes this an enjoyable concert and one of the reasons why Genesis were such a widely influential band during its height of popularity.

Crank it up and listen with your eyes closed.

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