Past Daily’s Spring Fundraiser – Update 19 – Still Time


Sometimes you just gotta do the Happy Dance.
Sometimes you just gotta do the Happy Dance.


Day 29 –  A little over 1 day left. I am grateful beyond words to the 34 funders who have pitched in and contributed to our campaign so far. It’s been a very momentous and distracting month for everyone – and I suspect the last thing on many peoples minds is making a contribution to a Fundraising campaign.  There’s a lot going on and even the best of intentions can get sidetracked when breaking news fills your screen and your attention. And I will say, it’s even distracting over here – because what Past Daily is about, and continues to be about, is capturing and preserving those pivotal moments of history and keeping them for future reference. It’s a reminder that life is an ongoing adventure, and that not everything happened 50 years ago – it’s happening now, and that’s why we need you.

If you haven’t made your Tax Deductible contribution yet,  there is still time, you can still contribute to keeping Past Daily up and running and improving and getting bigger and better. You also contribute to the digitization, restoration and preservation process that is saving thousands of hours of news, interviews and Concerts going back to the 1930s that make up the Gordon Skene Sound Collection. All your contributions go directly to keeping Past Daily running and the Archive working. Without your contributions we aren’t able to keep the site running on a daily basis – we may have to cut down to once a week or once a month. Without your contributions we won’t be able to continue digitizing and preserving the massive number of recordings still needing to be saved – some are tapes that are brittle and falling apart or are deteriorating and need to be baked in order to be digitized. Some are discs, where the acetate is beginning to crack and peel, rendering them useless and unplayable.

Your contributions make saving these recordings possible – and they make it possible to share them with you. You can help save history and keep making it available for generations to come. Your contributions go very far to make that happen. So please – while there is still time, make your pledge and your contribution, no matter how much – to help keep history alive.

Click on the link below – it will take a minute but it will last a lifetime (in a good way).

Fingers crossed,


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