Past Daily’s Spring Fundraiser – Update 20 – Time Running Out.

If you don't know who this person is - we'll tell you.
If you don’t know who this person is – we’ll tell you.

Day 30 – only a few hours left. Only hours to go to make your contribution and change things around – I have to say it’s been a very disappointing last few days. I can’t stress to you how important and needed your contributions are in order to keep Past Daily up and running and to even keep the Archive functioning, for that matter. Unless we get within even sight of our goal, we’ll have to cut back on posts to one a week, at most. Make a serious decision to divest the archive, and dismantle a collection its taken 50 years to build. There are a number of tough decisions that will have to be faced, should we not get to even 1/2 of our goal. We may have to extend the fundraiser or just quietly fade away and give up on Past Daily all together. It’s a tough set of decisions to make – ones which I hadn’t hoped on making when I started this thing. I wanted Past Daily to be an eclectic place to make discoveries. I wanted it to be a place to revisit history and become acquainted with the unfamiliar. I wanted it to be a place where you could hear something very old and discover something very new all at the same time. I wanted Past Daily to make a difference and to not be one of those sites that dazzle-and-bait, yet deliver nothing but a loss of your time.

And maybe it’s still possible – maybe you’ve been waiting for the last minute to chip in – maybe you haven’t had time to go online in a while. Maybe your life has been preoccupied with the day-to-day and one more site asking for a contribution is driving you over the edge.
Whatever your reasons are, I know that I have very little time left in order to convince you, to ask for your support, to put the case to you that Past Daily is a site worth supporting. So I’m asking you now – while there is still time, to consider making your Tax Deductible Contribution to help keep the spirit of discovery alive and to help make a difference.
I am so grateful to those 36 funders who have stepped up to the plate and made their support known. I hope by the end of the day there are 36 more.

Click on the link below (while there’s still time) and chip in what you can.

Fingers crossed,



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3 thoughts on “Past Daily’s Spring Fundraiser – Update 20 – Time Running Out.

  1. Chipped in a bit more, on top of an earlier contribution. I only wish it could be more. I hope you are able to keep going with the site and all the work you do — I can only begin to understand just how much work it is!

    1. Thanks Jamie – yes, it’s a 14-day for me every day as it has been for the past 5 or so years. I love what I do – I just want others to enjoy it too.

      Thanks again – I just wish there were a few thousand more of you.

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