Now That The Fundraiser’s Over . . . A Wrapup

And jeez, are we tired!
And jeez, are we tired!

Past Daily’s Spring Fundraiser is now a thing of the past. In the final hours there was a flurry of contributions, and even though we didn’t get anywhere near our goal, we managed to squeak by with enough to pay for repairs on a few of our machines that have died, pay for warehouse rent and buy a few more Hard drives. It’s all those elements that are needed to keep a website and archive going. We’ll have to put off that website redesign for a while, and the bigger warehouse as well. But when it’s meant to happen . . . .

I know several of you have complained that the constant hounding associated with crowdfunding is tough to take, and is in fact something of a turn-off. I apologize for that, and I have to say I don’t like doing it as much as you don’t like hearing it. Unfortunately, advertising doesn’t cover any of our operating costs and driving traffic in order to keep those numbers up is a constant effort. We’ve considered turning Past Daily into a subscription site, but that wouldn’t be fair and it wouldn’t be ethical, as our sole purpose is to get information and history out to all of you, not just the ones who can afford it – and making you pay would run completely opposite of what being a non-profit is all about anyway. So no dice on that one.

But the bottom line is – doing via Social Media what Public Radio has done since the 1940s is about the only viable way of raising money for us at the moment. Until there’s a better way, or an income stream or grant money, we have to do it the old fashioned way; resorting to appeals and bended-knee begging.

I cannot thank enough, those of you who chipped in to get us this far. It’s further evidence Angels don’t all have wings. To those of you who missed it and didn’t chip in – you’ll notice a Fractured Atlas logo on the side panel of the Past Daily site, which you can click on and where you can donate any time you like. We’ll be here as long as you’re here. And tell your friends to stop by for a visit. There’s lots to see.

Thank you all – thank you for your generosity and your kindness.

Big hug,

Gordon Skene

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2 thoughts on “Now That The Fundraiser’s Over . . . A Wrapup

  1. Gordon, I do website design as a side business and would be happy to offer my services free of charge to do a website redesign for you. My specialty is WordPress (in fact, one of my personal sites uses the same theme as you are using right now, Parament) but I’m willing to try other systems as well if there’s one you are considering. Email me and we can talk!

    1. Hi Jamie: I just sent you an e-mail. That is incredible! Thank you so much!

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