On top of the Cold War, a Space Invasion.

On top of the Cold War, a Space Invasion.
On top of the Cold War, a UFO Invasion.

Sunoco Three-Star Extra with Lowell Thomas – July 3, 1947 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection.

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This day in 1947 had a lot to do with looking skyward. Reports from all over the country indicated sightings of brightly colored objects in various shapes and sizes and traveling at various speeds, everywhere from Mt. Rainier Washington to Roswell Nevada. The sightings were made by a string of witnesses in 8 states all over the country and in Canada, declaring they had seen strange objects speeding through the air. The witnesses ranged from a meteorologist to the lieutenant Governor of Idaho. Size of these objects ranged from football to colossal discs, traveling at speeds from 100 to 1200 miles an hour. The Air Force investigated and concluded it was nothing at all. But people were still talking and speculating. UFO sightings and the whole issue of extra-terrestrial visitors became a big topic of conversation starting around now. Needless to say, it sparked imaginations in a lot of people for generations to come.

Meanwhile, to the more mundane – the Marshall Plan was foraging ahead, with Great Britain and France issuing invitations to 22 nations of Europe to meet on the fine points of the plan. The only ones rejecting the plan outright were the Russians with representative Molotov packing his bags and leaving the Paris conference early.

Verdicts in the Garsson case for fraud and bribery in War contracts came down – guilty on all counts. Each of the defendants faced 6 years in prison and a $30,000 fine.

And famed War correspondent Ernie Pyle was finally buried on the Island of Okinawa, where he was killed covering the battle. His wife said it would have been his wish to be with his friends, who also died there.

And that’s how it went on July 3, 1947 as reported by Lowell Thomas and The Sunoco Three-Star Extra News.

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