Convention Countdown – July 6, 1960 –

1960 Democratic Convention - Stuart Symington supporters - hoping up to the last minute that fortunes change.

1960 Democratic ConventionStuart Symington supporters – hoping up to the last minute that fortunes would change.

NBC Radio 1960 Democratic Convention Preview – July 6, 1960 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

As the excitement surrounding the Democratic Convention reached a fever-pitch, the airwaves were flooded with a seemingly endless barrage of programs dealing with the Convention itself, the candidates, the sure-bets, the odds-on favorite, the dark horses and the hoopla coming to Los Angeles in less than a week.

As part of its countdown, NBC Radio began airing a series of reports (the first began yesterday), running down what to expect and what not to expect in the way of Election year drama over the coming days.

Senator John F. Kennedy was the odds-on favorite, but there were still holdouts for some of the other candidates. Adlai Stevenson was looking like a long shot, but there were delegates who remembered 1952. Stuart Symington was another dark-horse as was Lyndon Johnson, who declared his candidacy rather late in primary season. Many of the holdouts were jockeying for bargaining positions and some just wanted to keep the suspense going.

So the Carnival atmosphere was beginning to take shape. Los Angeles was gearing up for the onslaught – and even though L.A. was used to displays of pomp and pageantry – this entertainment was all political.

As a reminder that Political conventions were not always cut-and-dried affairs, here is the second preview report from the 1960 Democratic Convention, broadcast on July 6, 1960 by NBC Radio.

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