He said he wouldn't run - he didn't say he wouldn't serve. Still . . . .
He said he wouldn’t run – he didn’t say he wouldn’t serve. Still . . . .

Alka Seltzer News Of The World – July 7, 1948 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection.

Political news, this July 7th in 1948. Putting an end to the buzz and rumors that General Eisenhower would run for President on the Democratic Party ticket put many in the party in awful moods.

Despite attempts to draft General Eisenhower, and a movement afoot to take the matter to the Convention floor, Eisenhower came out and said, without hesitation, that he wouldn’t run for President and certainly not for vice-President.

But there were still holdouts and many were attempting to read between the lines, saying even though Ike would not run, he said nothing about not serving if elected. So a number of delegates to the upcoming Convention were holding out hope. Even though the writing was on the wall it was going to be Truman on the first ballot.

Meanwhile In Europe – Communist sources and those close to the Kremlin were mulling over a note from the White House on the Berlin situation, saying it was a stern, lengthy and unrealistic document likely to be partially rejected but partially answered. Point of interest was the section regarding the reopening of Berlin’s communications with the West, which had been cut in recent weeks. Moscow was likely to reject the idea of reopening Berlin’s communications, but was warm to the idea of a Four-Power meeting regarding Berlin.

And speaking of Communists; the opening of Congressional hearings regarding Communists in the workplace and New York Department stores got off to a stormy start with two executive members of the CIO ejected from the hearings, amid shouts and altercations in the Federal courtroom and hallway where the hearings convened. Demonstrations and picketing were noisily going on outside. Principle question of witnesses was “are you a Communist?” – were defied and refusing even to refuse to answer. The possibility of issuing contempt citations was being considered for the following day. But considering how the hearings opened on this particular day, anything could happen the next day.

And that’s how the world was turning, this July 7th in 1948 as reported by Alka Seltzer’s News Of The World.

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