A dramatic uptick in Embassy swarming.
A dramatic uptick in Embassy swarming.

ABC Information News – July 8, 1990 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

News on this July 8th in 1990, held a disturbing indication of things to come. But at the time, attention was focused on Louisiana, as the State Senate voted for the third and last time on what was the toughest anti-abortion legislation introduced to date. The Governor vetoed the bill and the effort to override that veto became a rallying cry for anti-abortionists, who descended on the State Capitol, and supporters of the bill in the Senate were hoping to overturn the veto, which fell short of three votes needed on the second try.

Elsewhere; President Bush and Japanese Prime Minister Kaifu agreed to withhold economic support to the Soviet Union until Moscow sharply reduced its budget for the military, which was estimated to be 1/4 of the GNP. Bush did not object to Japan providing aid to China, even though the U.S. still had sanctions in place resulting from the crackdown at Tiananmen Square a year earlier.

But the news of Albanian refugees flooding foreign embassies had a dramatic uptick overnight, with over 3,000 crammed into the West German Embassy in Tirana alone. The Albanians were refusing to allow the embassies to fly in emergency supplies, and spokespeople for the German, French and Italian embassies were quoted as saying sanitary conditions were making the entire situation epidemic prone. The Albanian government said the people can leave the country – they just didn’t indicate how they would be able to leave.

And that’s a small slice of what went on this July 8th in 1990 as reported by ABC Information Network News.

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