LBJ - Giving a mid-year review. So far - so good. But just around the corner . . .
LBJ – Giving a mid-year review. So far – so good. But just around the corner . . .

President Johnson Press Conference – July 10, 1964 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

A surprise Press Conference, this July 10th in 1964. President Johnson used the time to discuss some upbeat economic news including news of Contract talks between labor and management in the Auto industry, as well as read off appointments to various cabinet posts,, including appointment of Bertrand Harding as acting commissioner of the IRS.

Questions included developments in the case of the 3 missing Civil Rights workers in Mississippi and J.Edgar Hoover‘s involvement in the investigations. The upcoming Democratic Convention and LBJ’s possible list of running mates. The swearing in earlier in the day of Congo President Moise Tshombe prompted a questioner to ask LBJ about U.S. support for the Congolese government. And, Republican Presidential frontrunner Barry Goldwater‘s charges of fiscal irresponsibility in the LBJ White House, which LBJ countered with a recent quote from Henry Ford in the Wall Street Journal, saying the economy was healthier that it had been in many years.

And that’s what was going on in Capitol Hill, this July 10th 1964. All that, and a lot more.

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