Franz Ferdinand - Sparks - collaboration years in the making.
Franz Ferdinand – Sparks – collaboration years in the making.

Franz Ferdinand-Sparks (FSS) – Live At Boa Goa Festival, Genoa – July 7, 2015 – RAI Radio 2

According to reports, the collaboration between Scottish Indie band Franz Ferdinand and L.A. Electro-Pop/Indie/Art-Rock band Sparks has been in the works around 8 years. Since initially meeting, back in 2007, both bands have wanted to work together on something – it was just a matter of finding the right time. On March 9th of this year, they announced they were finally getting together and doing a tour this summer to go along with their debut album, which came out in June.

As Sparks’ keyboard player Ron Mael describes it – “it sounds like the wreckage of a train crash between two bands” – but what it actually is, is a perfect mashup with Ferdinand vocalist Alex Kapranos and Sparks vocalist Russell Mael blending seamlessly.

So with the release of their s/t debut album FFS, the freshly minted supergroup embarked on a tour of Europe, hitting most of the festivals on the way. Reaction so far has been very positive – good word of mouth, good press and eagerly anticipated shows with a number sold out and ticket sales brisk everywhere else.

Tonight’s show is from the Goa Boa festival in Genoa Italy, recorded on July 7th by RAI Radio 2 (with a lot of chatty announcing, especially over song intros). No word if there is anything lined up for the States yet – their site only lists dates through September. But this is their maiden voyage and the Goa Boa Festival concert broadcast is most likely a first. So you get to hear it before everybody else, at least everybody else outside of Europe.

Enjoy and crank it up – you will hear new stuff, as well as vintage Franz Ferdinand and vintage Sparks for the next hour and ten minutes.

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    1. My pleasure! I didn’t know if any earlier concerts from the tour have been broadcast, otherwise I would have run them. Much as I love RAI, they do get a little carried away from time to time in the comments department.

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