Steve Hillage - former Pothead Pixie.
Steve Hillage – former Pothead Pixie.

Steve Hillage Band – Live at Hyde Park, London – September 18, 1976

The ever-popular Steve Hillage this weekend, in concert at Hyde Park in London on September 18, 1976. Hillage was known for years as one of the founding members of Gong, the preeminent Prog band of the early 70s. Hillage left in order to go his own way and form his own band. And he enlisted some stunning collaborators to go along for the ride, including Christian Boule on guitar, Miquette Giraudy on Synthesizer and Clive Bunker on drums.

Although the lineup would change over the years, Steve Hillage has always maintained a unique and iconic voice – this early concert gives some indication of what lay ahead.

Great sounding concert, only marred by fighting in the crowd during the opening number. Hillage schools the offenders and the show goes on.

Crank it up – a treat and pivotal concert for Hillage fans – something new to jump into if you aren’t.

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