Arthur Lee - the power of simplicity and singing from the heart.
Arthur Lee – the power of simplicity and words from the heart.

Arthur Lee and Love – In Session for BBC Radio 2 – July 1, 2004 – BBC Radio 2

Taking a breather from festivals tonight. It seems only appropriate to run a session by the inimitable Arthur Lee and Love, recorded at BBC Radio 2 on July 1, 2004.

Initially, the epitome of L.A. 60s – Arthur Lee had a whole lot more going for him – one of the truly unique and evocative voices, whose music has stayed as fresh and vital as it was when it first came out.

There has been a timeless quality about the music of Arthur Lee – maybe because it was such an integral part of my life during those heady days of the Sunset Strip. But, it’s something else – it’s the words – the weaving of aural images; the universality of the message. The fact that he nailed how people felt better than anyone. Listening to the music of Arthur Lee brings with it a nod of recognition – a kind of secret handshake. The feeling that Arthur Lee spoke for everybody when he sang songs that were deeply personal. And I miss that.

So here, as a reminder. is a small snapshot of what Arthur Lee was all about. That session for BBC Radio 2 – a short one – a little over 9 minutes.

Enjoy and set it on repeat.

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