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Duke Ellington -  rightly placed "beyond category".
Duke Ellington – rightly placed “beyond category”.

Duke Ellington and His Famous Orchestra – Live at Kongresshaus, Zurich – October 9, 1959 – RTS-Radio – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

Classic Jazz this weekend, from the mind of the inimitable and beyond-category Duke Ellington, along with his Famous Orchestra, recorded for posterity by Swiss Radio on October 9, 1959.

A pivotal figure in the development of Jazz and one of its most active and constantly evolving, from 1923 all the way to his death in 1974, Duke Ellington has become more than a key figure in the history of Jazz, he has become an institution.

Together with some of the most exciting and innovative collaborators, Duke Ellington made an indelible impression on the Music world, and for collectors, an endless treasure trove of recordings to study and analyze.

If you’re just getting into Jazz, Duke Ellington is essential listening – and there is a vast amount of material to dig through. If you’re a fan, this is another one of the many amazing live concerts he has done over the years.

Hit Play, crank it up and relax – goes perfect with Summer Sunday afternoons.

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