The World watched.
The World watched, the world waited – the Earth turned.

CBS Radio – Continuous coverage – Apollo 11 – Moon Landing – July 20, 1969 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection.

One of those moments where, if you were around at the time, everyone knows where they were and what they were doing when Apollo 11 landed on the Moon. Those simple words “The Eagle Has Landed” followed hours later by “One Small Step For Man . . .” are engrained in just about every recollection or defining moment in the History of the U.S.

And it wasn’t a day to be too far away from your radio or a TV. Life seemed to stop, and only the sound of NASA and the communications between the astronauts and Houston seemed to fill the air – it was the all-pervasive echo of sound, bouncing through neighborhoods and offices all over the world – or most of it, anyway.

But what kind of a day was it, really? Was it all about the Moon landing? Was it all about anticipating the step off the landing module?

There were a lot of other things going on – the world was, and always has been, a busy place. And even though one event stands out as the penultimate moment in our history – it was something that happened in the course of a day where a lot of other things happened.

So – to give you an idea of what else was going on that July 20th in 1969 – here is a 90 minute extract from that day – a little time after the Moon landing and a little time before the Moon walk – when it was patient waiting and the world continued to turn.

A lot happened that day – and even if you were around at the time, you may not remember it. Here is a sample of the rest of July 20th in 1969, as reported by CBS Radio – their continuing coverage, including a lot of interviews – but also news of the day and the goings-on while the world waited for the next big step.

Have a listen.

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