Henry Barraud - with us till the ripe age of 97.
Henry Barraud – with us till the ripe age of 97.

CBC Transcription Service – Henry Barraud – Sonatine for Violin and Piano – Garami, vln – Reiner, piano – Gordon Skene Sound Collection.

Over to the CBC this week for a performance of the Sonatine for Violin and Piano by the French composer Henry Barraud, composed in 1941 and broadcast via the CBC Radio Transcription Service circa 1953.

Barraud was born in 1900 in Bordeaux and spent most of his life in France and, along with fellow composers Jean Rivier and Pierre-Octave Ferroud formed the Triton Society for the furthering of French Contemporary Music throughout the world.

After the liberation of France in 1944, Barraud became Director of Music for Paris Radio and later, in 1948 when it became the ORTF. Barraud held that position until his retirement in 1965. Barraud passed away on December 28, 1997.

A large output of work, much of which has been commercially recorded over the years, and reissued, Barraud is hardly unknown, but his orchestral work has been played and recorded more frequently than his chamber music.

This radio session features Hungarian-born/Canadian emigrated violinist Arthur Garami and likewise Hungarian-born/Canadian-emigrated pianist Charles Reiner – both of whom settled in Montreal and became actively involved in the Canadian Music establishment.


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2 thoughts on “Arthur Garami And Charles Reiner Play Music Of Henry Barraud – 1953 – Gramophone Weekend

  1. Dear Gordon, Thanks a lot for that upload. Henry Barraud was an iconic character. He used also every Sunday to make analysis of classical (or more contemporary) works on the radio (France Culture channel). Also a very nice man……I kept his so kind letter after I premiered his ‘Variations à 13’ in Moscow. My teacher André Girard performed and recorded extensively his works. Do you have any of his symphonic pieces? Definitely one of the best French composers and among the only ones to make directly enjoyable music from dodecaphonic system.

    1. As always, my pleasure! I have to check and see if I have any of Barraud’s orchestral pieces – I suspect I do, as I still have so many French Radio discs to digitize, as well as CBC discs. Thanks again for all your kind and informative words – they really help complete the picture.

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