UN delegates to Britain and Warren Austin - UN delegate to the US. Working on beating Russia to the punch.
UN delegates to Britain and Warren Austin, UN delegate to the US. Working on beating Russia to the punch.

Edward R. Murrow and The News with Larry Lasueur – July 31, 1950 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection.

News for this day, 65 years ago, was about the ongoing war in Korea and the delicate maneuvering taking place at the United Nations at their temporary headquarters at Lake Success, New York. This time it was with The Russians. UN delegates from the U.S. announced they wanted the situation in Korea to be first item on the agenda when the UN reconvened the following day. The Russian representative announced, by way of a note, that the most important issue facing the UN when it reconvenes is the admission of Red China to the United Nations – the Korean War was further down on the list.

As for the Korean War, the Defense Department ordered four National Guard divisions to active duty on September 1st. Supporting units, in addition to the four divisions were also to be called up. The order was expected to involved some 82,000 troops. Additional Marine units were being sent to Korea as well as the Air Force, who were sending additional bombers to the Far East immediately.

Overnight, U.S. troops landed in Korea – elements of the 2nd Infantry Division, the fourth American division to take part in the Korean fighting so far.

Reports from Korea indicated North Korean forces had broken American defense positions west of Chinju, on the southern part of the defense line; have captured the city and it’s valuable airstrip. At last report, North Koreans were some 50 miles away from the American beach head at Pusan. After three days, U.S. casualties were reported as heavy.

Things weren’t looking up, and the war was only a month old.

And that’s a little of what went on, this rather ominous last day of July in 1950, as reported by Larry Lesueur, substituting for Edward R. Murrow and the News.

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