Amadou et Mariam – Live At Eurockénnes 2012 – Nights At The Roundtable: Rock Without Borders/Festival Edition

Amadou et Mariam - bringing along a taste of Mali.

Amadou et Mariam – bringing along a taste of Mali.

Amadou et Mariam – live at Eurockénnes 2012 – December 8, 2012 – RFI-Inter

Amadou and Mariam, or “The Blind Couple From Mali” have been bringing the sound of Afro-Blues to audiences all over the world since 1974. Althought really getting started in 1985, Amadou Bagayoko had been playing with a number of bands around Mali before meeting up with Mariam Doumbia. Living in Paris since 1996, Amadou and Mariam have been getting worldwide attention with their mashup of traditional music of Mali and desert Blues, along with Syrian violins, Cuban trumpets as well as Indian tablas and Dogon percussion. All mixed together, it makes for a highly satisfying feast of sounds.

Recorded live at the 2012 Eurockénnes Festival by the venerable RFI-International, Amadou and Mariam weave an intoxicating hour of music and sound.

Good way to start a week, if you don’t mind my two-cents.

Play loud.

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