Always a reminder.
Always a reminder.

CBS Radio – Campaign ’80 – Democratic National Convention excerpts – August 10, 1980 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

35 years ago it was all going on in Manhattan. The 1980 Democratic Convention and the forces of incumbent Jimmy Carter, and upstart Ted Kennedy and a battle that went all the way down almost to the wire.

On this particular day, August 10th, it was about hammering out platform planks and trying to hammer out the differences between the Kennedy camp and the Carter camp – the eternal struggle of “bringing everyone together”.

And so this day was about speeches and pledges and a much-anticipated debate of the Carter Health Plan or the Kennedy Health Plan and where was the middle ground.

Peppered throughout the day were reports from the floor of the convention at Madison Square Garden – and here are a few of those reports, along with news of the day from CBS Radio News on August 10, 1980.

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    1. Where was my brain!! I was listening to 1972 while transferring 1980. I have GOT TO STOP MULTITASKING! Thanks for pointing it out – I corrected it. Sorry.

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