. . .and what about The Emperor?
. . .and what about The Emperor?

Special Report by Morgan Beatty, State Department – August 11, 1945 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

More suspense, this August 11th in 1945. Following a day of premature celebration came a day of waiting. Diplomatic cables passing back and forth between legations in Switzerland – relayed to the proper channels in Tokyo and Washington. Clarification on the terms set down in the Potsdam Ultimatum – the role of The Emperor in Japan. Negotiating seemingly minute points; all as the clock ticked and people waited.

To give an update, some word of progress, NBC interrupted its regular programs with a special broadcast by reporter Morgan Beatty, who was camped outside the State Department, waiting for official word that the Japanese accepted unconditional surrender terms.

And that’s what was going on in the world, this August 11th in 1945.

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