The problem - in a nutshell.
The problem – in a nutshell.

NBC Second Sunday: The Young Rebels – October 1968 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

If you’re of a certain age, you’ll remember what a period of upheaval the late 1960s were. Everything that had been considered the status quo was coming under scrutiny and questioned by those who were wondering why the old ways didn’t work anymore. Blame technology, blame complacency, blame a generation now coming into its own – they were all elements which conspired to create the perfect storm, and in some ways, the perfect revolution.

So much of what had been taken for granted was now being looked at with fresh, questioning eyes. A war which, for the first time in our history, people were objecting to on the grounds it was unnecessary and a waste of life. People were questioning work ethics, sexual freedom, quality of education – the list went on.

But with all those questions came all that resistance. Nothing in life has changed by the snap of a finger. Although our tendency towards Magical Thinking prevents us from looking at struggles from time to time, it was a matter of dismantling the old and replacing it with the new, and not everyone was eager to do that.

And so, 1968 was a pivotal year and a very violent one. This radio documentary, part of the monthly series Second Sunday from NBC Radio, called The Young Rebels, focuses on those issues which were driving our society and protest movements springing up, seemingly all over the world.

Bear in mind – the kids and young adults portrayed in this documentary are, to some of you, your parents, and in some cases your grandparents. The generational focus of attention has shifted – the fundamental issues are the same. It’s how they are being dealt with which is different. But maybe we were just different people then.

At any rate, have a listen and compare notes, shrug shoulders or hi-five your keyboard. Nice to know we’re all part of the continuum.

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