Starting the process to official surrender.
Starting the process to official surrender.

– CBS Radio – Special Broadcast from Ie Shima Island – August 18, 1945 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

With the end of hostilities just days earlier on August 15th, the process of making the surrender official began. On the morning of August 18th, a plane carrying a surrender delegation from the Japanese government arrived on the island of Ie Shima, to meet with Allied officials in Manila and prepare documents for eventual signing.

Aside from the initial agreement to terms, which ended hostilites on the 15th, the final documents and terms needed to be prepared and worded so that surrender terms were agreed and signed, and the official end of World War 2 would be a done-deal.

A solemn occasion, but one which saw an overflow crowd of curious and picture-taking spectators, all eager to be witnesses to history as the plane taxied down the runway.

So on August 18th, broadcasts were delayed or interrupted in order to bring the landing of the delegation plane and one more step to the end of World War 2.

Here is an extended excerpt from that arrival on August 18, 1945.

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