Ziggy played guitar.
Ziggy played guitar.

David Bowie – In Session for John Peel BBC Radio 1 – January 28, 1972 – BBC Radio 1

The dawn of Glam tonight. A session from David Bowie, recorded on January 28, 1972 for John Peel at the BBC. The Spiders From Mars period. Ziggy Stardust. The androgynous period – just before the Thin White Duke.

Having gone through a number of phases in his career, the period of the early 70s was probably the most dramatic and certainly the most wildly successful. Bowie hit on something that hadn’t been done before. And it created an avalanche of bands following suit. Suddenly, everyone was wearing mascara and lipstick and talking about being bisexual. It put the phrase gender-bender on the map and turned Pop Music inside out.

It didn’t have a long lifespan; a few years at most. But it morphed into a number of other genres, including Heavy Metal and Hard Rock. The arrival of Punk changed all that – but from 1972 to 1975, the world was awash with glitter and David Bowie was leading the way.

As a reminder of the early days of Glam, just as Ziggy Stardust was issued, here is that David Bowie session from 1972.

Dig out those platforms, if you can find them, and tune up the air-guitar.

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