. . .and the start of a new book.
. . . and the beginning of a new book.

CBS Radio – Reports on Surrender Ceremonies – September 1, 1945 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

70 years ago today, and 6 years to the day since it first began, World War 2 was officially over. With the signing of the surrender by Japan, the war had finally come to an end.

And even though the process of disarming and returning to peace was going to take a little time, that book was closed and a new one was about to start.

Even as the surrender ceremonies were taking place, questions started being asked about the world as it stood in 1945. What was the role the Atomic Bomb going to take in all this? What would the Far East look like in the coming months/years?

Now that one, seemingly endless, story of war was over, the unsettling feeling that, maybe this might all happen again was surfacing.

But those were all questions which wouldn’t be answered on this day – this September 1, 1945 was the end of a long and brutal war – and a chance at a lasting peace, no matter how fleeting in the long run, seemed like a good thing to work for.

Here is an excerpt and a recap of the days activities, as reported by CBS World News on September 1, 1945.

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