Gruppo Sportivo - Loopy from the Netherlands.
Gruppo Sportivo – Loopy from the Netherlands.

Gruppo Sportivo – Live at Paris Theatre – 1978 – BBC In Concert Series – BBC Radio 1

Gruppo Sportivo have been around since 1976. A Dutch Pop Band, who’ve had a few hits early-on in the U.S. in the late 70s. They were characterized as a sort of spoof-on-rock, borrowing heavily from 50s Teen love songs, with an acid twist. They bore a musical resemblance to a British band around at the time, Deaf School, whose lead singer Bette Bright sang on a few Gruppo tracks before going on a solo career.

Gruppo Sportivo made their last appearance in 2013 (posted here) before going on extended hiatus. With some 15 albums to their credit, they are far better known in Europe than they are here. Not for all tastes, but breezy and uncomplicated, which comes in handy from time to time.

If you remember Gruppo Sportivo, here they are during their early incarnation (they’ve had several personnel changes before their announced hiatus), playing at The BBC’s Paris Theatre in 1978 for the radio series In Concert for BBC Radio 1.

Ring any bells? Hit “play” and find out.

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