Truman Capote - didn't make it to 60 but left an enduring literary legacy.
Truman Capote – didn’t make it to 60 but left an enduring literary legacy.

For Adults Only: Truman Capote – April 16, 1971 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

There is no shortage of interviews, recollections, observations, biographies, documentaries and articles on literary legend Truman Capote. A pivotal figure in 20th century American literature, Capote was as much a figure of controversy, tragedy and personal demons as he was the written word.

His colorful, flamboyant and often theatrical nature made him, at times, more of a pop culture figure than a sought-after figure in the art of writing.

This interview, conducted by Joyce Susskind and Barbara Howar from the short-lived interview program For Adults Only features a half-hour interview with Capote, where Capote discusses his literary work as well as the Popular Culture aspects of his celebrated life. It’s candid, and most likely at the time provocative, because of the early 70s and taboo subjects like homosexuality on late-night TV were still off-limits.

Whether or not the original video of this interview has survived isn’t really known. I assume it has, even though the show For Adults Only, lasted only a few weeks.

In any event, this is one of the rarer interviews with Truman Capote, broadcast on April 16, 1971 – and if you haven’t heard it, it makes for a fascinating half-hour glimpse into the life of one of America‘s most celebrated writers.


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