A cloud of Pepper Spray would be forthcoming.
A cloud of Pepper Spray would be forthcoming.

ABC Radio Hourly News – 6:00 am – September 10, 1995 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

News for this day 20 years ago was probably typical of many September 10ths – labor disputes in Detroit, with newspaper workers on Strike and tensions ramping up with Police. On this day, strikers went after newspaper delivery trucks and police went after strikers with teargas and nightsticks.

In Sarajevo, the movement of heavy trucks by Bosnian Serbs indicated either a re-grouping or a withdrawal. Since no word from the Bosnians which way the trucks were heading, the airstrikes continued. Meanwhile, 1996 Presidential hopeful Pat Buchanan blasted the Clinton Administration for putting U.S. forces under NATO control, preferring instead the U.S. lead the intervention.

Back to the “Trial Of The Century” – the Prosecution in the OJ Simpson trial was wrapping up its portion of the trial with a witness list of some 58 people. Defense claimed Prosecution was attempting to re-try the case and wasn’t keeping up its end of the deal with a 5-day limit on rebuttals.

Questions over why the Earth has been warming up the past 100 years were answered by the New York Times who said the cause was simple; fossil fuels being burned up at an ever-increasing rate.

And the hit TV series ER was expected to sweep the Emmy awards, taking place later on this evening.

That’s just a slice of what went on, September 10, 1995 as reported by ABC Radio Hourly News.

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