Blur - Sigh of relief (photo credit: Zanna)
Blur – Big sigh of relief (photo credit: Zanna)

Blur – Live in Hong Kong – August 23, 2015

Perennial favorites Blur this weekend. Live in Hong Kong and recorded on August 23rd this year. The audience is a little slow to react, but it’s a great concert anyway – and they can do no wrong (IMHO).

I’m just grateful they got back together, after such a long hiatus. A number of bands have been going the hiatus route over the years, and some of them haven’t opted to get back together anytime soon. I’m glad they opted for reunion. They have been one of the pivotal bands of the 90s – and certainly were one of those groups responsible for pulling music out of the doldrums in the late 80s.

If you’ve just gotten around to discovering them, this will get you up to speed in under 2 hours. In addition, there are the offshoot projects which also are worthwhile to investigate – Gorrilaz ain’t no slouch. You have a lot of check out if you’re new to the musical landscape of Damon Albarn and Company.

So I would crank this one up and relax if I were you this weekend.

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