Hookfoot – Live At Paris Theatre, London 1974 – Nights At The Roundtable: Concert Edition

Hookfoot - may not ring any bells right away, but . . .you've heard of Elton John, right?

Hookfoot – may not ring any bells right away, but . . .you’ve heard of Elton John, right?

Hookfoot – In Concert – Paris Theatre – January 12, 1974 – BBC In Concert – BBC Radio 1

A band which may seem on the surface unfamiliar, but actually was an early-on backup band for none other than Elton John. Hookfoot predates the acknowledged Elton John band by a few years. Labelmates on DJM (Dick James Music in the UK), Hookfoot had released a few albums on their own, but also were involved in the early albums of Elton John (up to Tumbleweed Connection) and had done the early tours before the release of Madman Across The Water and the band which replaced them.

Sadly, Hookfoot didn’t achieve the success their lablemate did – and even though they were heavily promoted by A&M here in the U.S., they just didn’t click with audiences on as grand a scale as Elton John.

This concert, comes during their last year together before breaking up, heading into other bands and other careers.

Sometimes bands are footnotes – overshadowed by the people they supported. Timing, luck-of-the-draw, material, any one of a number of factors prove crucial over whether a band makes it or not. Hookfoot certainly don’t deserve being overlooked, and they do deserve their place in the history books. Like I said during last nights post – the 70s were far from boring.

Crank it up and get a history lesson all at the same time.

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