Dropping out of a different race.
Dropping out of a different kind of race.

CBS Hourly News – September 15, 1979 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

The big news for this day was word from The White House that President Carter dropped out of a marathon race, being held near Camp David. Spokespeople were quick to add that it was exhaustion and nothing more which forced Carter to abruptly quit the 6.2 mile Mountain Marathon at around mile 4 and there were no other circumstances. The White House Doctor said President Carter quickly recovered and was pronounced in good physical shape.

Not recovering so quickly were people living along the Gulf Coast who were reeling from Hurricane Frederick. No sooner had Frederick passed, leaving a trail of debris and destruction, but another Tropical Storm was brewing in the Gulf with predictions of a full-blown hurricane by the end of the day or beginning of the next. Just can’t cut a break.

And people living in Los Angeles were reeling under the worst smog attack in decades. The infamous Inversion Layers were said to be the culprit, trapping dirty air over L.A. and going nowhere and making it hazardous to breathe at times.

All that, and much more for this September 15th in 1979 as reported by CBS Radio’s Hourly News.

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