Les Big Byrd - point them at the sky.
Les Big Byrd – point them at the sky.

Les Big Byrd – Live At Pustervik, Gothenburg – September 22, 2015 – Sveriges Radio P3

Although I’m not entirely sure about the name, I am sure that Les Big Byrd are a major new ingredient in the ever-pulsating and continuously developing landscape of New-Psych the past few years.

Making their debut last year with the album, The Worshipped Cats, Les Big Byrd have immediately established themselves as a band to watch and look out for. The Swedish ensemble has wasted no time grabbing audiences and fans – and the Press has been ecstatic.

They’ve been concentrating primarily on Europe the past two Summers, and have been touring with The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Audiences and praise from fellow musicians has been growing daily. They did do a quick sweep of the U.S. in Spring of this year, with an appearance at SXSW as well as gigs in L.A. and Brooklyn. Hopefully, an extended tour is in the works.

Tonight’s concert was recorded only 24 hours ago by the venerable Sveriges Radio P3 at Pustervik in Gothenburg, so it’s pretty fresh and still exciting.

By all means, check them out when they get back over to the States. In the meantime, crank this one up and get ready for Hump-Day.

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