After 19 months - an anti-climax.
After 19 months – an anti-climax.

NBC News – The Capture Of Patty Hearst – September 18, 1975 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

After an ordeal which lasted some 19 months, including numerous ransom demands, shoot-outs, bank robberies and surprise phone calls, newspaper heiress Patty Hearst was captured while staying at a house on Moore Street in the Mission District of San Francisco. Two of her kidnappers, William and Emily Harris, were taken while they were jogging. The odyssey of the SLA and the Kidnapped Heiress came to a sputtering, non-hysterical end, and Patty was quickly and quietly taken to jail, where some half-million dollars bail was posted.

The Tanya from menacing and imposing posters and Bank surveillance cameras; with lofty pronunciamentos and condemnations via periodic message tapes – the whole thing boiled down to mug shots and Patty Hearst, looking drained and fragile while another chapter in the somewhat hazy and hysterical 70s came to an end.

As a reminder – here is a special broadcast from NBC News, airing the evening Patty Hearst was captured on September 18, 1975.

40 years ago and the decade was only half over.

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