Nicoletta - didn't just sing a song - she consumed it.
Nicoletta – didn’t just sing a song – she consumed it.

Nicoletta – 4 Songs – Barclay Records 1967

For those of you not familiar with the extraordinary, spellbinding voice of Nicoletta (aka Nicoletta Grisoni), you’ve missed something. Having a string of hits in France in the 1960s and early 70s, admired by none other than Ray Charles and a political activist who was heavily involved in the 1968 general Strike, Nicoletta goes way beyond the characterization of a “yè-yè girl”, she is a force of nature. Not to be confused with a “belter”, Nicoletta interprets songs via a smoldering intensity, charged with emotion and her range is phenomenal. Suffice to say, she doesn’t sing songs passively.

And in case you were wondering, Nicoletta is still very much active, having recorded a Jazz album as well as collaborating with French Rapper Joeystarr (aka Didier Morville).

If you aren’t familiar with her – here are four numbers to check out:

1. Pense A L’ete
2. Pour Oublier qu’on s’est aimè
3. La Musique (Angelica)
4. Jeff

Maybe not the most relaxing music for a Sunday night, but it is the most dramatic and unforgettable.

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