Lee Strasberg - changed the landscape of Acting.
Lee Strasberg – changed the landscape of Acting.

Speaking Freely – Lee Strasberg – interviewed by Edwin Newman – December 14, 1969 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

Anyone who has studied acting either knows about or has studied the school of Acting known as The Method. Although not the originator, Strasberg is credited as being the Father of Method acting, and his Collective known as The Group Theatre revolutionized Broadway since the early 1930s.

Strasberg was responsible for the flourishing careers of countless actors; many of whom became icons of the screen and stage. And even though Strasberg has long since left the scene (he died in 1982), his method and the principles of his school continue to nurture and cultivate scores of actors all over the world.

This interview, part of the Speaking Freely series hosted by NBC News Anchor Edwin Newman, discusses with Lee Strasberg his school of acting, what The Method is all about and those actors he had worked with.

An hour’s worth of insights from one of the indelible figures of modern Theatre. Here is that interview with Lee Strasberg from December 14, 1969.

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