They're back.

They're back.
Emma and Miki: They’re back.

Lush – Live At Electric Ballroom, Camden – April 3, 1996 – BBC 6 Music

With the great news earlier today that 90s legends Lush have reformed and are heading into rehearsal to make a reappearance in 2016, one of the pivotal bands who defined Indie, as well as making an enormous contribution to Shoegaze are back.

Not that it wasn’t a source of speculation by fans for a while, and that it hadn’t been talked about off and on over the past few years, the fact that there were a number of hurdles (mostly personal) to overcome made the possibilities of a reunion a slow and calculated process, bordering on the impossible at times.

There’s always the question of time passing – life getting in the way. There is also the aspect of getting over the tragedy which broke them up in the first place – painful loss is tough to get past, especially when a member chooses suicide as an option.

But the fact of the matter is; Lush were a key band during a particularly fertile period of time for music – there was a lot happening, and Lush were in the midst of taking the whole thing a few steps further. Yes, there was the question of personalities and clashes of vision; but those are the elements which keep bands reaching, evolving and shaping – the situation which brought the band to an abrupt halt was a personal tragedy overshadowing an artistic pursuit. There is no question it was an awful period for the band; as the unfathomable loss of a close friend or family member shakes those around them to their core.

But it was a Band interrupted; and enough time has passed that this reforming of Lush is met with relief and a sense of joy. Fingers crossed it all works out.

In the meantime, here is Lush in concert, recorded by The BBC at Electric Ballroom in Camden on April 3, 1996.

Play loud and get ready for next year. A big sigh of relief Lush is back.

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